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Dr. Anamika Samant

MBBS; DNB (Internal Medicine); PG DIP (Diabetes, Boston); PG DIP (Obesity, Cardiff);

  • Lose Inches Lose 4-10 Kgs per month *
  • Diabetes Remission
  • Lose High BP & Cholestrol
  • Get Expert Nutrition Counselling
  • Non Surgical and Risk Free

* Result may vary from person to person. Client needs to follow the treatment as prescribed by Dr. Anamika Samant and other experts.

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Chaitanya Obesity Clinic was established in 2017 as a preventive measure for lifestyle related disorders like hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia and heart diseases, run by a team of qualified Doctors and allied Health Professionals. Our highest number of satisfied clients, has made us The No.1 Obesity clinic.

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About Chaitanya Obesity Clinic

Chaitanya Obesity Clinic, a sister concern of Chaitanya Hospital was formed in 2017 as a preventive measure for lifestyle related disorders like hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia and heart diseases.

Dr Anamika Samant strongly believes that prevention is better than cure and a number of life threatening diseases can be prevented by taking the correct step at the correct time. At Chaitanya Obesity Clinic, we have had tremendous positive response from a number of patients who not only lost weight but also lost their high blood glucose, blood pressure, triglycerides and gained confidence, happiness and energy in return.

We have helped many PCOD patients tackle insulin resistance and fight infertility. Through correct dietary approach and rightfully adapted individualised training programs, we have helped elderly population with arthritis fight chronic pain and discomfort.

Our yoga has brought peace and relieved anxiety of many patients suffering from migraine, depression, insomnia. Our Zumba and fun activities have helped children with obesity shed their weight in a cheerful environment and face adulthood with more confidence.



Lost 20Kgs in 5 months.


Lost 20Kgs in 5 months.


Lost 20Kgs in 5 months.


As per My Health is Concern, I am enjoying every moment in my life. It’s a miracle. Thanks to our respected Dr. Madam and their efficient staff members.

Mr. Prakash S. Hande, 24 June 2014

Chaitanya Obesity Clinic has various activities and courses. Such as Yoga, Various Exercises, Aerobics all these are very needful in my life. All these helped me to maintain my Weight and also Diabetics. This was my good luck and so I wanted to say all the Thanks to Madam Anamika Samant and all Staff at Obesity Clinic.

Mrs. Akshara Santosh Shelke, 10 February 2015

I joint Chaitanya Obesity Clinic and after two months I felt like my life’s changing and I started feeling so good. And resting always best in over number in this clinic. Thanks to all the staff members and thanks to Sonal Madam, Supriya, Vaishali Tai and Snehal Maushi. And a Special Thanks to our Madam (Dr. Anamika Samant).

Mrs. Anjana Rana, 21 March 2015

It’s a very good experience to me to attend everyday work session. Thanks to all the staff to provide me very good training. Clinic maintain a friendly relation with all their clients. I enjoyed a lot my two months of work session Now after being ok I am missing my sessions. Thanks to Sonal Madam, Vaishali Tai, Supriya, Reshma and to Kausar Madam. Thank You Very Much Anamika Maam and Chaitanya Obesity Clinic. I give a full 3 Stars to Chaitanya Clinic.

Mrs. Vipula Vaibhav Patil, 01 April 2015

The experience here at Obesity Clinic was awesome. I have gained very much after coming here. The trainer really understood what my concern is and adjust with me. They have made me feel comfortable here. I really feel the urge to come here on daily basis. But due to my own work constraints. I do skip on my routine. But yes it’s really fantastic to be here.
I would like to Thank you to each and every one at clinic, the staff, my trainer (Sonal Madam) and my Doctor Anamika Samant.

Mr. Swarup Pol, 04 April 2015

Disclaimer : *Results may vary from person to person depending upon age, sex, basal metabolic rate, medical history, family history, lifestyle, and physical activity.

**By providing your phone number on this form, you give us permission to call you in response to this request, even if this/your phone number is in the State and/or National Do Not Call Registry. Your privacy is very important to us. We never sell, trade or share your personal information with any third party or organization, and only one of our associates will contact you in response to your request.